CCM Tacks AS550 Gloves Youth


Youth Leg Pad Glove Sizes: 8"
Colour: Black/White
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The CCM Tacks AS 550 hockey gloves are a great option for entry-level players who need a protective and comfortable model to wear while they develop their game.

Anatomical construction for an enhanced fit
Lightweight polyester for a solid construction
Pre-angled one-piece open cuff for good mobility
PE foams and PE inserts for quality protection
Laminated liner with PU Cushion foam
Nash palm for improved durability
When purchasing a new pair of hockey gloves, it is important to focus on fit, feel, and the right amount of protection for your level of play. The Tacks 9040 includes CCM’s anatomical fit which is snug through the fingers and backhand and opens up around the cuff and wrist. This design allows for freedom of movement as well as a great feel for improved control as you work on your stickhandling.

The design is enhanced with lightweight polyester construction, helping to reduce overall weight without sacrificing durability. And CCM’s pre-angled one-piece open cuff provides plenty of mobility and protection at the top of the glove.

The Tacks AS 550 includes PE foams and PE inserts in the fingers and backhand for solid protection in these key areas. Whether it’s contact with the ice or experiencing more common hockey impacts like slashes and blocked shots, these PE foams will help to protect your hands. CCM also includes their PE thumb for good flexibility and some added protection.

In the palm area, where the most wear occurs in hockey gloves, CCM uses nash material with reinforcements - a feature found in the higher-level Tacks 9580 model. This nash palm provides enhanced feel for your stick, pus superior durability and comfort. 

For those weekly recreational players or those who are just getting into the game of hockey, the CCM Tacks AS 550 gloves are a great option, with plenty of features and technologies to keep you comfortable and protected on the ice.

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Released On: May 24, 2022

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