CCM Jetspeed FT485 Senior Shoulder Pads


Senior Clothing Equip Size: Small
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The CCM Jetspeed FT485 Shoulder Pads Senior are designed to provide competitive-level players with the protection, mobility, and comfort they need to perform at the highest levels. These shoulder pads include some of top end features at a lower price point. 

Shoulder pads must provide an excellent combination of protection and mobility so players can get the most out of their equipment without feeling restricted. CCM offers a great option with the Jetspeed FT485. These shoulder pads are made with dual layer PE foam that allows mobility without sacrificing durability. 
In the shoulder caps CCM uses molded PE plastic for lightweight high-level protection. The sternum and spine include anatomical molded PE to provide must-have protection where it counts. Along with the PE foam used for torso protection, CCM also includes a removable belly pad. The removable pad allows for more personalization based on your choice of fit and comfort. 
The Jetspeed FT485 uses a vented front base with PE foam for lightweight protection that breathes so you feel light yet protected without sacrificing the durability. For bicep protection you’ll find PE molded caps with the ability to adjust the length for custom comfort and excellent protection. 

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