CCM Trigger 6 Stick Senior


CCMRBK Sticks Senior: Right - Flex 85 - Curve 29
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The CCM Ribcor Trigger 6 Hockey Stick provides truly elite performance with a featherlight feel without breaking the bank. The Trigger 6 features an Ergonomic Shaft Design, Pure Carbon Shaft Technology, Ascent 2 with Peel-Ply blade, and an all new Skeleton+ taper technology. This habitual low kick-point stick is a staple in the Ribcor family and requires minimal effort to generate a lightning-quick shot that goalies will be struggling to stop!

Stick Flex Profile
Like the Trigger 6 Pro, the Ribcor 6 also utilizes CCM’s new Skeleton+ Technology to optimize the low kick-point. This tech creates a soft taper area on the shaft that allows optimal vertical flex throughout the stick. This exclusive taper design adds to the stick’s ability for a heavy load and quick release. Pairing this with Ribcor’s stapled quick release technology, this stick is constructed with the fast release player in mind.

Shaft Construction
The Ribcor Trigger 6 Pro Hockey Stick has a very unique shape that CCM refers to as “Ergonomic Shaft Geometry”. This is designed to offer a seamless energy transfer to maximize the speed of your release. CCM has broken the shaft shape down into 3 segments.

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