Ice Locker Services!

Ice Locker Services!

Welcome to Ice Locker, where we're dedicated to elevating your skating game to new heights. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your skating needs. 

Skate Sharpening

Our main service? Skate sharpening, tailored for both ice hockey enthusiasts and figure skaters alike. With locations in Sheffield and Nottingham, we're your go-to destination for sharpening excellence.

However, before you lace up and make the journey to see us, a quick heads-up: it's always a good idea to give us a ring beforehand. This ensures that someone is available to cater to your sharpening needs upon your arrival. We want to make sure your visit is as smooth as the ice you'll be gliding on.

Heat Moulding 

Now, let's talk about those pesky boot discomforts. If you're experiencing any discomfort due to odd bone protrusions or just general boot fit issues, fear not. Our heat moulding service is here to save the day. Simply bring your boots to us, and we'll work our magic in our specialised oven. Just a friendly reminder: leave the oven work to us; we've seen enough skates with grill marks to know it's not a DIY project.

Riveting and Profiling

But wait, there's more! At our stores, primarily Sheffield where our workshop is based, we offer additional services such as riveting and profiling. Whether you're breaking in new skates or fine-tuning an old pair, we've got you covered. Even if you drop off your skates at our Nottingham store, we'll whisk them away to Sheffield and have them sorted for you.

So, whether you're chasing pucks or gliding gracefully across the ice, Ice Locker is here to ensure your skating experience is nothing short of perfection. Lace up, sharpen up, and let's hit the ice together. 


For more information please visit IceLocker Services.

Contact us:

Nottingham Store Phone Number: 0115 853 3071

Sheffield Store Phone Number: 0114 212 9730 

Please email us at or contact us during our opening hours.

Nottingham Store Opening Hours

Sheffield Store Opening Hours


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