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Neilson Gets His CCM FT6 Pro Skates Baked
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Neilson Gets His CCM FT6 Pro Skates Baked

We have an exciting story to share with you about Logan Neilson, who recently visited our Nottingham store to get his brand-new CCM FT6 Pro Skates baked! Read on to discover why these skates are a game-changer and why Logan's visit was extra special!

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our ice hockey skate collection: the CCM FT6 Pro Skates. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, incredible acceleration and an unparalleled fit. These skates are built to take your game to new heights.

The CCM FT6 Pro Skates are engineered to provide top-notch performance and lightning-fast acceleration on the ice. Equipped with a Game Ready Fit, these skates offer an optimal fit right out of the box, ensuring maximum comfort and performance from the moment you lace them up. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting your hockey journey, these skates will help you unleash your true potential.

Logan Neilson, a passionate young hockey player, recently visited our Nottingham store to get his new CCM FT6 Pro Skates baked. It was an exciting moment for us, as Logan's father is a Nottingham Panthers legend and Logan himself has recently signed for The Nottingham Panthers.

Witnessing the next generation follow in their parents' footsteps and embrace the sport is truly heartwarming. We take pride in providing the best equipment to players of all ages and skill levels. Logan's visit exemplified our commitment to the hockey community.

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